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Connect to Your Source of Divine Information

The Golden Light  Psychic
Development Process™


Imagine how satisfying, wonderful and different your life would be if you could wake up every morning and receive guidance from your Divine Source. The Golden Light Psychic Development Process ™ works with the understanding that


As you work with the Golden Light  Psychic Development Process ™ you'll discover your psychic gifts and learn how to connect and download information from your source of Divine Information.

You'll acquire the necessary understanding to connect with your Guides and Angels, thereby aligning with your highest path and purpose. With this awakening you'll experience improved relationships, enhanced creativity, greater abundance, peace of mind and a rich inner life.

In the Golden Light Psychic Development Process™:

You  GROUND your body, which allows you to sense energy in heightened ways expanding your awareness and opening the door for utilizing your psychic gifts.
You TUNE your physical vehicle by balancing the chakras and energy systems of the body using sound and visualization to create enhanced energy flow, health and well being.
You CLEAR negative thought forms and belief systems that prevent you from moving forward by beginning the process of utilizing your psychic gifts and connecting with divine knowledge.
You IDENTIFY and Work with your psychic gifts using deep relaxation and guided visualization and learn which of the four psychic gifts you possess. Everyone is endowed with a mixture of the four psychic gifts: Hearing (Clairaudience), Feeling (Clairsentience), Knowing (Clairvoyance) and Seeing (Visionary).
You INTEGRATE your connection with Divine Source, learn the most expanded ways to ask questions and receive information and identity with your unlimited, multi-dimensional nature seeing all life experience as lessons and opportunities for growth.

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Louise, creator of the Golden Light Psychic Development Process™ is a Divine Connection Coach™, Healer, Therapeutic Facilitator, Spiritual Process Counselor, Psychic Development Workshop Leader and Energy Sound Healer.

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Introductory Sessions are now being offered!

Book your Introductory Session for $150.00 (a $250.00 value) and receive a bonus, complimentary Sound Energy Healing and followup, check-in phone call.

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