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Louise was recommended to me at a time of pain and confusion in my life. I found her Kundalini Care consultations were an oasis of safety and clarity, helping me integrate and learn from the various changes and transformations occurring. Her Golden Light  Psychic Development Process taught me to access my own inner Divine light and information and helped me to an interior life that has become incredibly rich and comforting. With Louise's encouragement I have learned to trust my guidance creating a life that is more and more who I truly am.

Barbara Romero, Performer


Louise is a special healer, whom I have the privilege to know for the last quarter century.  In that time, she has developed a number of deep-reaching techniques that get to the bottom of problems and old traumas situated anywhere in the body-mind-spirit realm...  Her approach is invariably methodical, practical and above all deeply intuitive. Journey with her through the six steps of the Golden Light Psychic Development Process and reclaim your connection to the Divine source.  Louise is an experienced guide through this vast and mostly uncharted terrain.  I can only think of a few people to whom I would entrust myself for this trip.

Dr. Jonathan A. Curzon, Chiropractic Neurologist


Louise's healing technique is the most powerful and effective for self-transformation, quickly putting you in touch with your entire energy field and instilling trust in the wholeness of your own soul. The physical work is deep and as blocked energy is released you find yourself seeing things more clearly and feeling your true energy more strongly. You leave each session with the proper tools to manage the continued release and integration of energy that follows.

Elizabeth De Vito , Information Manager


Louise is a wonderful healer and is very good at being patient with you and your progress. She clearly explains each topic talked about to make sure your understanding is gained and is very passionate in her teaching and her work.  Plus she is very wise and will give you good insight into life and spirituality and genuinely wants to aid in people's healing. Louise has a great sense of humor, calm energy and has various ways to help you heal including her voice. She is simply a beautiful soul. I loved the experience and look forward to my next session. Do something  different and give Louise a call, you will love the experience as I did. Thank you again Louise for being a warm soul and giving me a wonderful, spirited experience.

Paul Adzic, Psychic Medium


Louise's approach to integrating the client's personal awareness and emotional well-being offers a wide gamut of healing. The client can simply receive relief from traumatic patterns or blocked energy or corrective change at the cellular level to repattern crystallized disharmonic emotional memory, which is often the root of pain.

Dr. Kate Williams, Chiropractor


Louise's work combines the best of energy sound repatterning and spiritual awareness  gently and safely releasing blockages at their core. She has helped me very much.

Nancy Bourque, Massage Therapist


Working with Louise is a powerful, streamlined opportunity to know your psychic gifts! It took me a few years to fully discover and realize all of my psychic gifts (what I call quantum ways of receiving information) but much to my delight, when I was sitting with Louise for literally one minute, she tuned in and then immediately told me how I connect with Divine Source! She was able to, in her own words, read the Infrastructure of how I connect with what I call the Quantum Field of multi-dimensional information and beingness. One of her many gifts is that she sees how your connectedness sets up. If you already know your psychic gifts, she can help you achieve more clarity and deepen your connection to them. However, if you're not aware of your psychic gifts and want to explore how to open to them I recommend that you work with Louise. She's warm, wise, compassionate and a wonderful teacher and facilitator of spiritual growth.

Sarrah Bronson,  PhD Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified Neurofeedback Practitioner


Louise has been blessed with an innate ability to heal people. She has worked with individuals over the last twenty years with a passion to help them achieve a level of happiness and wellness as well as helping them express their full potential.
I am confident that anyone I refer to Louise will be handled in a loving, professional manner.

Howard Benedikt, DC, DCBCN


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